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Fleur Castle 

I ran 12 marathons in 2019. I won’t lie to you - running marathons is not my idea of fun, but what I did enjoy was mixing up my running shoes. Throughout the year I took on 42.2km in various models…the Cloudswift, Cloudflow, Cloudstratus and even the Cloudrock! There was one thing that remained consistent throughout my marathon journey…I was NEVER NOT ON.

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Mohamed Tarmoom

“I’m too busy”, “I don’t have the athletic gene”, “It’s too late to start now” these are just some of the excuses that got me to where I was in 2017.  Two years later I stand before my very first Ironman distance that I couldn’t even begin to imagine 2 years ago. We all need to start somewhere and with enough commitment and drive the excuses will slowly begin to fade away.


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Grasp the Adventure

We organize our adventures to help people expand their comfort zones and build confidence in themselves; most importantly though, we organize our trips because we know that the bonds we form are as tough as the mountains we climb then on.

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Training breaks the body down, recovery builds it back up. It’s often confused that you get fitter during your physical training and this leads many people to over train, causing themselves mass fatigue which then results in injury. The smart athlete knows training should cause just enough stress on the body that it starts to break down but gives themselves enough recovery to avoid a level of fatigue that causes injury or illness. This can be a hard balance to find and one that can be manipulated in many ways. In this weeks sweattalk, i’m going to cover my top ways to recover so you can train harder for longer!

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Sebastian Engwald

In 1999, I was 11 years old, and had just taken up sailing dinghy boats. After a successful sailing lesson with a lot of other children, it was tradition and mandatory to learn capsizing drills. In this drill you capsize the boat in order to learn how to flip it back around, in case you would need it for real someday. For me, this day would be a day of something entirely different.

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