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Choosing the perfect pair of swimming goggles team

Unless you were on a swim team as a kid, or simply had awful luck, it's likely you've never experimented with different kinds of goggles. Aside from the obvious benefits of keeping the sting of water out of your eyes, goggles provide UV protection and allow you to see more effectively in the water – all ending in a more focused swim session. Driving into the sun without sunglasses would be a brutal practice of self-punishment, so why would you choose to swim in similarly difficult conditions?

Our team has come up with a few different aspects that you should take into consideration while picking your next pair.


So Many Colors and Sizes!

Choosing the color and cut of your swimsuit usually comes down to which goggles you think look the nicest on your face. Don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it. The proper selection of swimming goggles is important for ideal functionality.

Some pairs certainly look flashy and advanced, but if they don't properly fit your face and offer the properties needed for your style of swimming, then you could be throwing your money away.


The Golden rule

There is one golden rule when picking out a new pair of goggles: They must fit your face! Take the goggles out of the package and lightly press the lenses to your eyes. If there is some natural suction and the goggles stay put for a few seconds, this indicates a tight seal that will minimize any potential leaking while swimming. This should always be your number one rule over a pair that just simply look cool.



Do you swim indoors or outdoors? For indoor pool swimming, you have some freedom when selecting a tint or shade to your lenses. Stay away from a heavy mirrored pair to help maximize the clarity both above and under water. Something like the ROKA F2 work perfectly for your indoor needs – luckily ROKA know a thing or two about aesthetics.

If you plan to swim in the open water, it's best to have at least two different tints for different conditions. A dark mirrored pair of goggles such as the ROKA R1 should be your go-to for sunny conditions as they help reduce the glare of the high sun off of the water. You'll also want to pick up the same model goggle in a red or blue tint, which will come in handy in low light and enhance visibility of colored buoys during your early mornings or late night swims.


Size and Shape

Aside from finding a pair that fits your eye sockets well, you need to consider the size of the goggle's gasket and how this will affect your range of sight. Pool swimming demands a sleeker, lower profile goggle, such as the ROKA R1 or HUUB Brownlee goggles, to help reduce minor amounts of drag on the face. Select a pair that you can imagine wearing for hours a week without any discomfort.

The proper pair of goggles for open water can take a bit more trial and error. Consider which pair will give you the proper visibility in variable conditions while staying on your face, even through the waves. A wide medium-large frame will maximize your field of view in the open water, allowing you to navigate masterfully, and a soft silicone gasket is ideal. Beyond this, be sure to try them out in different open water conditions to have the confidence your goggles will do their job and won't become a distraction on race day.



Price-wise, investing in a few pairs of goggles is minor, but the value you get from always being prepared for the particular swimming conditions at hand is huge. These aqua specs will help you perform at your highest ability, provide comfort and confidence in the water, and ultimately, protect your eyes.

Luckily at, we offer our athletes the chance to order a few varieties with the notion you can always return them if they are not quite right.  With the few small tips, you should find your perfect goggles in no time!


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