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For those with an active lifestyle, it's important to fuel your body with real foods that are easily-digestible, nutrient-rich, and able to sustain your energy levels throughout the day. Luckily enough we have the perfect suggestion with our range of SPLIT Nutrition.

Simple sugars provide our body with energy, but burn out quickly, leading to spikes of energy followed by sudden crashes (picture a five-year-old on Halloween). For active adults, relying on caffeine (guilty) and carbohydrate energy can contribute to inconsistent hunger patterns, weight gain, binge eating, and a general lack of dependable energy to get through the day.


Food is fuel

Real food means using simple and honest ingredients that come from our planet. (so yes, you could just eat a bag of nuts, but where is the fun in that?)

Each split pack contains a butter made from real nuts, and nothing more - that means no fillers, salts, or oils. The nut butters pair with fruit spreads, made from the fruits themselves, organic cane sugar, and pectin (that's what makes jam jam!).

By eliminating unnecessary fillers and flavors, we allow the natural ingredients to shine, in both taste and nutrition.


One fat + one carb

Split combines a good fat and a simple sugar to provide the combined benefit of quickly metabolized carb energy with long-lasting stable fat energy.

Nutrient consumption:
Combining natural, single-ingredient sugars with healthy fats (like those found in nut butters) can increase the dietary consumption of important proteins, antioxidants, and fat-soluble vitamins such as a, d, e, and k.

Defeating overeating:
Most unwanted weight gain is the result of inconsistent meal patterns, craving-based decisions, and daily nutrient inconsistencies. Split provides an array of nutrients, supplies a boost of sustainable energy, and keeps you feeling full and satisfied longer. Basically, you can say goodbye to your snack eating guilt.

Balancing blood sugar:
Rapid fluctuations in blood sugar can contribute to inconsistent appetites, aggressive cravings, weight gain, and ultimately, diseases such as type 2 diabetes. By pairing simple carbs and good fats, split can slow the release of sugar from the digestive system, resulting in more consistent energy release and a reduction of metabolic stress throughout the day.


Go Nuts

If you don’t know where to start, start with our sample pack, which will allow you to try our best selling flavors absolutely free/ Simply spend over 100 dhs on the website and we’ll take care of everything else.

*This offer ends 2nd August 2021.

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