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Why you NEED to invest in a foam roller?

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There are hundreds of pieces of exercise equipment on the market today. Jump ropes, hand held weights, massage guns - the list is endless. And most likely if you're into fitness, you’ve got them all. While we obviously don't need every piece of equipment, there are a few pieces that can be incredibly beneficial to our health. One such piece? The foam roller.

We know you must be questioning is it actually worth it, so we’ve broken it down into 3 key reasons you should grab yourself one today.


Warmup is KEY

If you’re one to simply jump straight into a workout, then this article has been written for you! Don’t. It’s important to get the body ready before you begin an exercise routine. If you don't, you're more susceptible to injury and pain. While stretching is a great way to do this, using a foam roller may be even more effective. Before you begin your workout, use the foam roller to loosen up the muscles in the body. You'll want to make sure that you especially target your big muscle groups such as the biceps and quadriceps. This will loosen the muscles in a way that helps to prevent injury and improve the quality of your workout.

Say goodbye to DOMS  (Delayed-onset muscle soreness)

If you've ever worked out... then you’re no stranger to the depth of post-workout soreness. It's very real, and VERY painful. A foam roller is a great way to work out that soreness after your workout is complete. Use the device in the same manner that you did for the pre workout. Keep in mind that because the muscles are sore, rolling them will definitely hurt in the beginning. Be gentle with yourself, no seriously, be gentle. After a few minutes, you'll notice that the soreness begins to dissipate and the muscles feel relaxed and comfortable preparing you for the days ahead.

Low cost, High Impact

While there are more expensive machine ‘guns’ available, it's unlikely that you need one. Anytime that you can invest in a piece of workout equipment that is inexpensive, it's a good idea to do so. You never know when you're going to need the equipment in order to enhance your exercise and make your body healthier.

If you haven't used a foam roller yet, it's time to give it a try. Chances are good that you're going to love the way it makes your body feel. And on top of feeling good, it's also very effective in enhancing your workout.

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