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As summer rolls in, it’s a no-brainer that the ‘Indoor Trainer’ page is the most visited page of our website! 

Investing in your pain cave is a great way to avoid the hot weather here in the Middle East - but there are plenty more reasons to click ‘buy’ on an indoor trainer. Check out why indoor training should be part of every cyclist’s life!


  1. Crush Your Workout – Not Your Time

      Life is busy. Work, family, kids, training…don’t even talk to us about a social life! One of the main reasons we love our indoor trainer is that it’s super convenient – it’s set-up and ready to go whenever we are.

      Forget wasting time packing your bike into the car and driving to the closest bike track. Simply carve out 45 minutes in your day and hit the pain cave.

      1. Hit Every Workout, Every Time

      Indoor trainers offer a completely controlled environment, which means you can get seriously targeted with your training. After all - there’s no ‘junk miles’ on an indoor trainer.

      If you have a workout that requires you to hit a certain heart rate or power zone for a certain time - the indoor trainer is the place to do it. If you need a hill – the indoor trainer can deliver it. If you need a flat road – guess what? The indoor trainer has you covered.

      Hitting every set, every time delivers some serious gains when it comes to training.

      1. Knowledge is Power

      If you want to get stronger on the bike, you need to train with the most reliable form of data – and that’s power. Our range of smart trainers come with integrated power meters allowing you to target specific training goals with absolute precision.

      1. Get Connected

      We don’t know about you, but Zwift kept us sane over the COVID-19 lockdown - allowing us to train, race and feel part of a global cycling community.

      Bored of Zwift? Check out Sufferfest - it’s our new, favourite indoor training app. Developed by a team of super smart sports scientists, including Neal Henderson (coach of two-time time-trial World Champion, Rohan Dennis), Sufferfest overlays ride prompts over actual race footage – making us feel like Rohan Dennis (even if our numbers don’t match his!).

      1. Technique, technique, technique

      Indoor training offers you the luxury of focusing on the ‘small things’ that often get ignored in the great outdoors – namely posture, cadence and pedal stroke. We recommend including a mirror in your pain cave, so you can check in on yourself throughout your workout - especially when you’re hitting those hard sets when form can slip.



      So we love training indoors. But sometimes it’s just time to hit the great outdoors!

      We believe in the benefits of indoor training, big time. However, there are some skills that can ONLY be improved in the great outdoors – and they are absolutely key.

      Number 1 – bike handling skills. You can’t develop a sense of braking, balancing, cornering, descending, sprinting etc. if your bike is bolted to the floor, and these skills are key to riding safely.

      Number 2 – group riding etiquette. As much as we love indoor training…nothing compares to that Friday morning coffee ride. If you plan to join a group, take time to learn about group riding etiquette. You won’t look back!

      Don’t be that guy/gal that wins every Zwift race…then causes a pile up on a Friday morning coffee ride 😉

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