ROKA Maverick Full Wetsuit Men

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Meet the Maverick Full Wetsuit: Swimmers with killer form will love its next-to-naked feel, while developing swimmers will adore the killer power return—up your distance-per-stroke and save your energy. More endurance, more speed, and 7% more buoyant — if you thought we couldn’t make the Maverick X any better, get ready to meet your speed and endurance-enhancing, not-so-secret weapon.
The re-engineered core design works just like a stiff bike: converting watts straight into speed. And just like cycling engineers keep pushing carbon layups to make stiffer and stiffer race frames, we zoomed in on that core, believing it had the power to unlock even more hidden potential for every level of swimmer.

We used seven different liners to create a revolutionary core exoskeleton; most suits use only one or two. And we invented an entirely new taping technique—only found on the X2—to connect your hips and shoulders. This pioneering mix of design and materials, stiffened up the suit while retaining its natural feel and patented ARMS-UP design.

The result? Maximized power transfer from hips to shoulders and even better stability in the water, with no restrictive, claustrophobic feeling. In other words: You’ll go faster, longer, for the same effort. All in total, luxurious comfort. It’s true: You can improve your swim with the click of a button. (But please keep training!)