On Running Sprinter Shorts Women

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Ultralight close-fit shorts for all distances. Technology Lightweight to get you there faster. Moisture-wicking to keep you dry even on longer runs. Whether youre setting new records on the track or aiming for your first sub-3, the Sprinter Shorts are designed for you to do it in distraction-free comfort. Materials Close-fit recycled polyamide materials keep you snug and compressed so you're streamlined to the finish line. Plus, we made sure the length is just right so you can run in complete confidence. No awkward re-adjusting here. Design How many features can you fit into shorts? Designed for the demands of your toughest run, these shorts are packed with surprises. They've got five pockets and a built-in mesh belt. Plus, the reflective logo adds visibility so if you lose track of time, just run with it.