HUUB Aegis II Long John Wetsuit (Sleeveless) Women

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The Aegis II Thermal Wetsuit is designed to protect you when training or competing in the most extreme conditions. The thermal version of the Aegis II is specifically engineered to defend you against the cold, and has seen action in iconic races such as Alaskaman and the Isklar Norseman. HUUB has combined the best-selling flexible qualities of its award winning suit with a brand new 0.7mm thermal lining.
The suit offers a smoothskin for reduced drag, with a 3:5 buoyancy ratio for those who require more lift in the legs and hips region than the arms and shoulders. The neoprene, at 3mm, is thin enough to provide HUUB's renowned flexibility whilst still giving you a great level of buoyancy. This, combined with a high stretch lining, helps to keep your stroke as natural as possible in the water.
Another great feature are the multiple panels in the shoulders and chest region that are designed to stretch with your body to suit your individual shape and movements in the water. The latest version of the Aegis II wetsuit features a unique low neck line which is one of the most comfortable in the industry - the rubber in this HUUB wetsuit is not folded, stitched or tourniqueted, which results in an effective design that lets you breathe totally unhindered.
As well as an ultra-comfortable neckline, the speed cut ankles and break-away zipper make this wetsuit not only highly comfortable, but super easy to take off in transition.

In short, is perfect for ALL your training and racing needs.