32GI - Raspberry Endure Powder Sachets 50g 10's-Pack

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It’s a fact the more fat efficient an athlete can become, the better they can perform, especially when they have the ability to oxidize a higher percentage of fat across various intensities. The 32Gi Endure Sports Drink promotes this by way of partitioning - supplied carbohydrates & the bodies fat stores.

Key Attributes:

Clean, sustaned energy - The 32Gi Endure Sports Drink is designed primarily with a novel carbohydrate, Isomaltulose (PalatinoseTM) which results in a stable and controlled release of glucose. It mitigates energy peaks and troughs and provides a prolonged and sustained supply of energy.

Promotes fat burning - Due to 32Gi Endure Sports Drink’s slow & steady rise in blood sugar, it is the perfect drink to facilitate proper energy source partitioning, allowing for fat store tapping to aid energy requirements.

Reduce fatigue & Nausea - Unlike high spiking carbohydrates & sugar blends that may flood your system (intensity dependent) causing nausea & fatigue, the 32Gi Endure Sports Drink provides smaller amounts of glucose over a longer period which may result in less upset to the system.

Zero banned substance - We are fully compliant with WADA standards.

No artficial additives, promise! - Rest easy knowing that the 32Gi Endure Sports Drink has no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours